What can I say about the SU37 MK2

If you are bored with all the other park jets, the SU37 MK2 is for you.

It took me a few minutes to adjust to it's responsiveness but after that it was a BLAST! I have Ailerons set up at 100% on a switch and as soon as I hit the switch I can perform nice rolls and tight flying.

Also if you are looking for nice inverted flight, this is your bird, with the KF4 airfoils it just flows through the air.


  • Power Up 450 Zoom
  • HURC 40amp ESC
  • Rudders, Elevons and Ailrerons (on Switch)
  • APC 6 x 4E Prop
  • Dow Bluecore Foam 
  • 9 Gram Servos
  • KF4 Airfoil



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